The 2nd Raden Intan International Conference on Muslim Societies and Social Sciences

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The 2nd Raden Intan International Conference on Muslim Societies and Social Sciences

UIN Raden Intan Lampung and Novotel Hotel Bandar Lampung
Bandarlampung, ID

November 9, 2021 – November 11, 2021

The second edition of RIICMUSSS conference, which will be held from 09 to 11 November 2021, focuses on exploring Moderate Islam in Southeast Asia: Origins, Theory, and Practices.

Questions related to this exploration include the followings. How has religious moderation been so far experienced among and across generations of Muslims in Southeast Asia? How and to what extent do their oral traditions, folklores, and old manuscripts inform us of the moderation topics?

Is the use of Arab-Islamic term of “wasatiyah” aptly translatable into the English-secular term of “moderation”? To what extent Muslims can learn from the experience of their Western counterparts about religious moderation, and vice versa? Are there any other terms and experiences coming from local cultures and traditions, for example in Southeast Asia, that could inspire us to conceptualize core principles of “moderate Islam” that are palatable to the contexts of Southeast Asian Muslim?

Should a theory of moderate Islam conceptualized by Muslim scholars in a given time and place of human history be applicable to Muslim societies of all times and spaces? Last but not least, the conference is also interested in questioning the ways in which the notion of Islamic moderation can be possibly applied in areas such as human rights, inter-ethnic relations, environmental issues, land reforms, sciences and technology, consumer culture and lifestyle, and religious dakwah movements.

Below is list of the panels that we aim to organize. However, we also accept submission that is not mentioned in the list, but still within the topic of religious moderation:

  1. Religious Moderation in Southeast Asia’s Local Culture
  2. Religious Moderation in the Contexts of Islamic Law
  3. Moderate Islam and Sufi Tradition in Nusantara
  4. Religious Moderation in the Qur’an and Other Foundational Texts of Islam
  5. Religious Moderation as Ordinary Practices in the Malay World
  6. Moderate Islam in Pesantren Societies and Tradition
  7. Religious Moderation in Islamic Southeast Asian Manuscripts
  8. Religious Moderation in the Contexts of Conflict Resolution
  9. Religious Moderation and Strategy of Diplomacy in Southeast Asia’s International Politics
  10. Moderate Islam, Politics, and Issues of Citizenship
  11. Moderate Islam, Science, and Technology
  12. Moderate Islam, Media and Pop Culture
  13. Moderate Islam and  the Environmental Issues
  14. Moderate Islam in the Contexts of Economy and Social Prosperity
  15. Religious Moderation in the Contexts of Jihad and Dakwah
  16. Religious Moderation and  Gender Equality
  17. The Role of Islamic Higher Education in Developing Religious Moderation
  18. Other topics related to issues of religious moderation.


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Raden Intan International Conference on Muslim Societies and Social Sciences is organized by Pusat Kajian Moderasi Beragama (PKMB) Universitas Islam Negeri Raden Intan Lampung, INDONESIA.